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Hip hop artist find Hip Hop Ghostwriters as most supportive at some point of their career, whether they accept or deny it remains a reality. Music is highly demanded and sellable end user product, as our culture and society ask for quality music. Why not give your desired music production a renewed and quality touch in an active, useful and trouble-free mode, hire us as we are among the expert hip hop ghost writer today.

Hip hop is an ongoing industry, continuously evolving in style and thus gets quite tricky from time and time again, many music artists lose their charisma even before they are recognized in their local marketplace of music industry. The question can be how they can manage creating a rap song which is not a piece of cake for all and need time and talent.

We are your ghosts who remain in the background and it is us who crack your ideas into the brilliance of Hip Hop, we strive to fulfil the vision of your song making experience a pleasant surprise for all music lovers. Our hip hop writers are enthusiasts to devote their song making phobia, so they capture your tone and attitude to excellence, so the lyrics sound just right when you float the rhymes on the mic.

We take care of lyrics of almost all styles, the subgenres of hip hop that we specialize in:

  • Gangster rap
  • Trap
  • Crunk
  • R&B
  • G-funk
  • Low-fi
  • Mumble rap
  • Trip hop
  • Ghetto house & many more

Our Hip Hop Ghostwriting Process is simple and professional and it commence with your communication with us about the song is about, its core theme, style and flow that you desire to realize. You can share any lines of lyrics that you bay already have written and want to incorporate into the complete song, and the beat and any other elements that can help our hip hop writers.

Soon after we receive the basic information, our project management team will contact you to further understand your needs better and take further details from you about the project. Based on these details, we pick the best individual for your specific style and tone. We will send you a catchy hook designed on the beat you’ve provided, that captures your theme and central idea perfectly. After you approve the hook, the ghost writer will start writing lyrics that match the hook and fits in the backing track you’ve provided. The process repeats till all the verses are finalized and lyrics of the song are approved to form the final Hip Hop musical product.

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